PET plastic application technology

2021-10-13 15:25:00 mei

PET is the most widely used beverage packaging material today. Its light weight, easy forming, low price, easy mass production,since its inception will be

the momentum of the unstoppable rapid development.

Become the world's most important form of beverage packaging. Widely used in carbonated drinks, bottled water, spices, cosmetics,

dried fruit candy and other products packaging.

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Forstar Precision Injection Machine Co., Ltd. began in 2007 PET preform dedicated machine R & D, PET has engaged in more than

three decades of engineering and technical professionals to serve you.

Dedicated plasticizing system and power configuration fully guarantee the molding products efficient, energy saving, fast, environmentally friendly,

reliable and durable. Focused on the specific details of the preform embryo to ensure that the finished product meets the AA and IV value of the standard requirements.

Forstar PET preform dedicated machine worthy of your choice, create greater efficiency for you.

PET bottles transparent, drop-resistant, stable molecular structure, high temperature resistance, beautiful appearance.

PET bottles have changed people's perception of plastic bottles, the popularity of plastic bottle packaging has made a great push. Its demand is also increasing year by year.

Auxiliary may be used with: a robot, high temperature drying hopper, chillers, automatic feeding machine, mold temperature control box